Zoo Med Repti Cage Carpet

Zoo Med Repti Cage Carpet

Made of non-absorbent plastic; Non-abrasive and non-absorbent substrate for all reptiles; Great for use as a protective layer; Comes with 2 per pack for easy cleaning maintenance; Available in a variety of sizes.

Soft, absorbent, non-abrasive carpet for many species of snakes, lizards, tortoises and insects; Eco Carpet was previously known as Repti Cage Carpet; Cannot be accidentally ingested by your animals; Washable and easy to clean; Dimensions: 18″ x 36″. Compare with similar items.

We purchased this for our box turtle’s terrarium. It looks a little plain (I think I’ll go with green next time), but it does the job. Only issue is that dirt and repti-calcium don’t brush off of it, but just kind of create a smear when wiped with a damp cloth.

The Zoo-Med Cage Carpet is specially made with an extremely absorbent material. The carpet makes cage cleaning a snap. All you need to do is remove the carpet and wash it. The entire carpet can be machine-washed with soap and water thanks to the material’s durability.

Zoo Med Repti Cage Carpet is a soft, non abrasive, absorbant substrate which is suitable for all types of reptiles. Injestion is a risk with any loose substrate and using newspaper or no substrate is neither absorbant or attractive; the repti carpet is a great alternative to these and also allows animals to grip.

Repti Cage Carpet A soft, non-abrasive substrate for all types of reptiles. Absorbent, pulling waste away from the surface and the tender belly of your reptile.

Published on May 19, 2018 | Under aquariums & fish bowls | By Kiyya