Hydor Aqamai Lrm Led Wifi 100w Reef Light, Black

Hydor Aqamai Lrm Led Wifi 100w Reef Light, Black
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  • The Hydor Aqamai LRM-LED WiFi 100W Reef Light, Black, is a professional reef aquarium lighting system programmed through WiFi (using the Aqamai App with an Android or Apple iOS device). The Aqamai app can control all your Aqamai smart devices directly from your smart phone or tablet (such as the Hydor Aqamai KPS Wi-Fi Controllable Wavemaker Pump).
  • Less than 0.80 inches thick, the Aqamai LRM LED Reef Light is the most compact high-powered LED light on the market. Dimensions: Length 14.1″ X Width 6.3″ X Thickness .78″.
  • 100 watts. 2 clusters of 15 LEDs. LED colors: cool white, UV, indigo, royal blue, blue, green & two different reds. 6 color channels (managed with the Aqamai smart phone App).
  • 90 ┬░ diffuser lenses (optional: 60 ┬░ centered diffusion lens change). Hang with enclosed hanging kit or mount to the aquarium using the optional Hydor Aqamai Light LRM Aquarium Mounting Kit.
  • Almost completely silent (under 28 dB), thanks to innovative cooling system.
Published on May 25, 2018 | Under aquariums & fish bowls | By Kiyya