Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Spirulina Flakes, 1.2 Oz

Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Spirulina Flakes, 1.2 Oz

Cobalt’s ULTRA Spirulina formula is the ultimate diet for herbivorous tropical and marine fish. Featuring 20% spirulina, and enhanced with astaxinthin, paprika.

Spirulina based formula for all freshwater and marine herbivorous fish. Will not cloud water. Enhanced with probiotics for healthy fish. Made in the USA.

Cobalt Aquatics has worked hard to bring you the ultimate solution to daily feeding of your herbivorous tropical and marine fish with Ultra Spirulina Flakes.

Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Spirulina Flakes, 16 oz : Pet Supplies. … Cobalt AquaticsBrine Shrimp Flake, 1.2 oz · 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. $7.22 Prime.

Higher spirulina content improves herbivore health with less food needed. Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Spirulina Flakes1.2 oz. New formulation of Cobalt’s well-known

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