Aquaminium Mini Wick Based Aquaponics Tank

Aquaminium Mini Wick Based Aquaponics Tank
Ships from and sold by The Aquaponic Source.

  • Based on the concept of old Chinese “Mulberry Fish Pond”, Aquaminiums are a perfect solution for anyone who wants to brighten their home with both plants and an aquarium.
  • Wick-based, self-watering plant pots absorb the water and nutrients from the aquarium below.
  • LED lighting, plant sponge, and wick included
  • We use acrylic to create our aquariums because it is stronger, clearer, warmer and lighter than glass. Acrylic may be more expensive than glass, but the qualities enable us to make superior aquariums!
  • With a half moon shape, if you get 2 tanks you can place them together for a complete moon.
Published on May 21, 2018 | Under aquariums & fish bowls | By Kiyya | Guidance about aquarium, fish and aquatic pets