45 Gallon Shallow Reef Versa Package

45 Gallon Shallow Reef Versa Package
  • *FREE SHIPPING* Brand New. Order today, shipout NEXT 2 business days and will receive FREE UPGRADE TO VERSA 2. Free: *ATO Reservoir. *Heater 300W. *Filter Sock Set. Included: 1)45-gallon Shallow Versa Reef aquarium (35.5’’x 23.5’’ x11.75, Ultra-clear Low-iron glass)
  • 2)48’’ inches tall overall with 36″ tall Polished gloss Black or White Marine grade cabinet
  • 3)30-gallon external multi-chambered refugium sump. Universal equipment compatibility.
  • 4)Herbie/Durso hybrid drain and Loc-line return system (using heavy duty Grey uPVC plumbing)
  • 5)Rear left single panel Acrylic overflow box, Glass canopy (rimless and recessed), 500 GPH silent flow pump
Published on May 21, 2018 | Under aquariums & fish bowls | By Kiyya